Breaking Bad: Vince Gilligan Reveals Alternate Endings to Series


We have not made through almost a week of our lives without Breaking Bad, something that hasn’t happened since before 2008. But like all good things we didn’t know were possible, while we lived before Breaking Bad, it’s hard to imagine life without it. What else is hard to imagine is any other ending to the series than the one we got last Sunday.

However, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan hasn’t been shy about the fact that settling on the ending we got wasn’t an easy thing to do. Gilligan has outlined alternate endings for the series as far back as the hours after the finale concluded, but he’s continued to go deeper into different endings we almost saw.

Per a Q&A with AMC:

We had this image for the longest time that was more or less the ending that you saw — except that instead of going to the meth lab, Walt went on and stumbled down the street and collapsed and he died on his own in a hospital hallway without anybody realizing who he was. Or we had a version where Walt actually survived and maybe Skyler or Junior and the whole family were wiped out. Stuff like that we considered but probably didn’t think about for too long because our guts told us that was just too dark and too depressing.

The ending we were given was probably the most satisfying ending we could have gotten and hearing the other possible endings makes us appreciate how things concluded even more.

Did you think that the ending to Breaking Bad was as satisfying as it could have been, or would you rather have seen one of the alternate endings Gilligan and the staff kicked around before settling on the eventual ending? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know you thoughts.

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