Oscars Buzz 2014: What Happens If Martin Scrosese's The Wolf of Wall Street Gets Pushed Back to 2014?

The Wolf

We are about to be whipped into the whirlwind season of cinema known as Oscar season where movies aren’t coming out to make money, they’re coming out to win awards — and make money. But while we’ve had a slew of films stick out as early contenders, one movie mostly everyone is looking forward to may wait until next Oscar season to make it’s debut.

Last week it was announced that Martin Scorsese’s epic The Wolf of Wall Street is currently running way to long and will be pushed back to December to allow more time to edit the film down. But there’s fear that even delaying the film until December might not be enough time to get the project to where it needs to be and if that’s the case the question is what would happen.

One choice is to just release the film with cuts made strictly to get the film under it’s desired run time. Scorsese is a movie god still walking among mere mortals but that still doesn’t afford him a run time of more than two-and-a-half hours, maybe a little more. Right now The Wolf of Wall Street is at roughly three hours which not even Scorsese can get away with.

That would leave Paramount with the more realistic option of delaying the release, but the question there is when would the film hit theaters. Should The Wolf of Wall Street miss it’s December date, Paramount has one of two options. The first is to release the film as soon as it’s ready, but the better option is to just bite the bullet and put if off a while year until November 2014.

A strategy like this is already in place for Bennet Miller’s Foxcatcher which many believe would compete for awards this season had it been finished on time. If The Wolf of Wall Street gets pushed back beyond it’s December date, it wouldn’t be out in time to qualify for this year’s Oscars, dramatically altering the playing field.

Right now we can hold out hope that The Wolf of Wall Street will be finished on time, but take Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, screenwriter Terrence Williams and the film itself out of competition and all of a sudden predicting the Oscars just got that much harder.

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