Breaking Bad Recast: Actors Who Could Have Played Walter White If Bryan Cranston Didn't Exist

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We are now a complete week into life without Breaking Bad as just about every Sunday this time of year has been filled with Walter White and his journey into darkness. But after five long years, we saw the journey wrapped up last week, leaving fans everywhere more than satisfied in what we saw.

However as we sit in wonder of how amazing Breaking Bad was, we also ponder what might have been. Obviously, Bryan Cranston will go down as Walter White, since the role has defined his career and is one of the most legendary characters an actor could have played. But what if someone else had played the role if Cranston never existed?

The question is one some fans have been kicking around for a while now and it will likely always be valid if for nothing more than food for thought. So say Bryan Cranston was never born, who else could might have been able to play Walter White?

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