Miley Cyrus Saturday Night Live Episode Review: Weekend Update Goofs on Grand Theft Auto V, Shannon Sharpe and More


Despite all the hype surrounding Miley Cryus hosting Saturday Night Live just months after her infamous twerking incident extended that tailspin she’s been in for years, the best part of the night’s episode remained the Weekend Update. Last week saw the debut of Cecily Strong as Seth Meyer’s sidekick and eventual replacement as host of Weekend Update.

Strong crushed it in her debut last week and continued that trend into her second official show as co-host. She was able to ping pong right off of Seth Meyers and his delivery and his jokes about the government shutdown, Ghostbusters and Mia Farrow among others.

Jay Pharoah dropped by to preview week 5 in the NFL as CBS analyst and Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe. His impression was hilarious but sounded almost more like Michael Strahan on speed than Sharpe but that doesn’t mean Pharoah wasn’t great in the bit. Vanessa Bayer followed Pharoah with her character ‘Jacob’, a Jewish child who can’t have a conversation without reading a prepared speech.

One of the best parts of tonight’s Weekend Update was Kate McKinnon who dropped by to play a housewife talking about the effect of Grand Theft Auto V and it’s effect on the public. She gave a hilarious performance about how the game has transformed her from boring housewife to a hardass Latino warlord who “shoots hookers in the boob for sport”.

Like Strong’s brilliance on Weekend Update, McKinnon continues to be the one of the best things about SNL as a whole. We don’t see nearly enough of her but there’s hope that as the season presses on we will be seeing more and more of her popping up.

What did you think of tonight’s Weekend Update? Was Cecily Strong the best part of the show or was there something else that stuck out to you? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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