Miley Cyrus Saturday Night Live Opening Sketch Review: What Was the Opening Sketch About?


We’re into the first sketch of Miley Cyrus’ return to Saturday Night Live and so far things are going alright. It took all but five seconds for Saturday Night Live to not only feature Cyrus but to reference her infamous VMA twerking incident. Thankfully, the bit wasn’t terrible, but it didn’t fill us with hope that the show will be a classic.

The premise surrounded Keenan Thompson sitting in a post-apocolytpic New York in 2045 where he’s telling us about the demise of Western Civilization — Miley Cyrus’ VMA twerking incident. Old Miley, played by Vanessa Bayer, trying to convince current Miley that she’s going to ruin her career if she goes through with the plan.

Jay Pharoah came on and gave a spot on impression of Will Smith, and Bobby Moyihan was hilarious as the pink teddy bear that was abused during the incident, crying about how the show was for kids and that they shouldn’t be doing a twerk dance on MTV.

The show got off to a delayed start, through no fault of Cyrus or her hosting abilities. The Notre Dame Irish’s game against the Arizona State Sun Devils who literally fought to the last second, forcing a delay in the broadcast. The show is still live, but local news outlets were given the 10:30 showtime to conduct their broadcasts.

The Miley Cyrus army took to Twitter in a panic when the local news came on and not the Saturday Night Live. Before the night is over, some people may wish the news just took up the entire Saturday Night Live showtime.

It’s a long night though, so plenty of things can go wrong. If Cyrus’ hosting gig goes anything like her painfully unfunny SNL promos, we could see a lot of the anxious audience that had to wait for the start of the show doze off before things wrap up.

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