Once Upon A Time Recap: What Happened in Episode Lost Girl?

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The fairy tale world has a bit of an identity crisis in this week’s Once Upon a Time. Gold deals with his good self versus his bad self, Emma must face her past as an orphan and her future as a savior, and Snow White is torn between fight and flight in a flashback.

In the jungle of Neverland, the episode starts with Gold as he cuts his shadow free and tells him/it to take the dagger and hide it somewhere not even he can find. Meanwhile, Emma, Mary Margaret, Regina, David, and Captain Hook are tramping through the woods when Emma meets Pan. He gives her a blank map that will lead her to Henry only if she stops denying who she really is.

In a flashback to the Enchanted Forrest, Regina threatens Snow White after she is awakened by Charming. Either Snow gives up the throne or Regina will kill one Snow White follower a day until she does. Charming goes to Rumpelstiltskin and asks for his help defeating Regina. He wants Rumpel to make Snow White believe that she deserves to rule the kingdom. “Magic can’t make anyone believe in anything.” Rumpel tells Charming, “belief must come from within.” Charming is determined and says to Rumple to name his price. Rumple concedes that there’s a weapon that can help.

Back in the Neverland jungle, Emma can’t get the map to show anything, even when she finally says “I’m the savior.” Meanwhile, Belle appears to Gold. But it’s not really Belle; it’s just Gold’s imagination. Belle tells Gold he really is good, deep down. She tells him to let go of the past. Gold must move past his abandonment of his son and his own father abandoning him. Belle tells him to go get Henry. Gold throws away a doll that he been given to him by his father.

Back in the past, Snow and Charming are searching for the weapon that will defeat Regina. Charming leads Snow White to where Excalibur is stuck in the stone. He can’t free it but she can. Snow White starts to believe that she is able to rule the kingdom. Snow and Charming confront Regina who starts Vadering Grumpy. Snow cuts her cheek with Excalibur. Regina vows war and disappears.

In the jungle, Emma and company find Pan and are ambushed by the Lost Boys. Emma has an opportunity to kill one of the Lost Boys but doesn’t take it. Pan reiterates the need for Emma to accept who she really is. He calls off the attack and leaves. Emma and Mary Margaret have a heart-to-heart during which Emma admits she had shown mercy to one of the Lost Boys because she had felt bad for him because she had been in his place when she was in the foster system. She admits that she feels she is an orphan. This reveals the map’s image.

Back in the Enchanted Forrest, Snow White goes to Rumple to pay off Charming’s debt. Turns out Charming didn’t get anything from Gold. The sword was a fake. Charming did it just to get her to believe in herself as much as he always has.

In Neverland, Emma and company plot the best way to get to Henry now that they have the map working. Off on his own, Gold runs across the doll he had thrown away to represent giving up his past. He burns it. He finds another identical doll but this time he keeps it. Gold never can let go of the past and his angry self.

Pan appears to Emma. He tells Emma she hasn’t forgiven her parents for abandoning her. Pan gets in Emma’s head even more when he tells her that Henry hasn’t forgiven her for abandoning him either. Pan threatens Emma by saying that by the time Emma gets to Henry he won’t want to leave the island. Not only that, Pan clams that Emma will be a real orphan soon. David has a cut that seems supernaturally infected.

Will David’s wound spread? Will Emma be able to find Henry before Pan has turned him against Emma? Will Gold ever give up his life of anger and bitterness?

Tune in next week!

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