Oscar Buzz 2014: Will James Gandolfini Secure Best Supporting Actor Nomination?



We are approaching the heart of Awards season when films begin to distinguish themselves as viable contenders and pitiful pretenders. One film that has stood out and continues to stand out is the heart warming drama Enough Said, which is the final film role for the late James Gandolfini.

Some are fearing that with the plethora of films that are slated to come out between now and the January nomination date that Enough Said will be forgotten. There’s also the matter of the intense competition that stands between Enough Said and a possible Oscar nomination.

If there’s one saving grace for Enough Said and it’s Oscar hope, it’s Gandolfini and his performance.

Even with the film already out and critics flocking and flaunting the likes of Gravity and other films, Gandolifini’s performance has continued to stick out with critics, leading many to believe he has a shot at grabbing an acting Oscar this year. But the question is how good are his chances?

Gandolfini’s best chance to land an Oscar is in the Best Supporting Actor category. He likely wouldn’t have stood a chance this year in the Best Actor category had he been featured in the film more than he ultimately was. Even still, the competition is fierce and while some will draw he posthumous card and say because Gandolfini died that somehow locks him in, the actor has better chances in other races.

Specifically, Gandolfini could work his way into being a favorite at the Golden Globes, as the Hollywood Foreign Press tends to lean on Romantic-Comedies and independent films more so than the Academy likes to. There is also the Independent Spirit Awards which will no doubt give him a look, especially if he ends up getting shutout of nominations elsewhere.

So  before you get too cynical and play the “dead actor” card when it comes to Gandolfini’s chances at winning an Oscar, consider the other races and the fact that Enough Said pretty much stands as a proper defense of the reasoning behind any mention of Gandolfini in the acting awards race as it stands out as one of his finest performances of his career.

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