Batman vs. Superman Casting Rumors: Female Lead Down to Four Actresses


We are just a few months away from the official start of production for Batman vs. Superman and while the two major roles in the film have been filled, there are rumors swirling about a third. No, it’s not another Bryan Cranston is playing Lex Luthor rumor, rather it’s news about the female lead in the film.

According to El Mayimbe from Latino-Review, Warner Bros. has narrowed it’s search for a female love interest in the film down to four unknown actresses.

Well, it’s down to not one one, or three, BUT FOUR TOP CONTENDERS for the mysterious female role.

Do I have names? Not yet. But as as soon as I do, I will update the story.

Do I think it’s Wonder Woman?

No. I put in some calls and the professionals I know that work in talent don’t think so either. They think it’s a love interest for Bruce Wayne. Could both them and I be wrong? Sure, anything is possible.

There have been rumors about Wonder Woman making an appearance in Batman vs. Superman especially if the film is going to lead into a Justice League movie.

No names have held any water when it comes to who could play the female love interest in the film, but judging from the left-field choice of Ben Affleck as Batman, it’s really hard to tell where Warner Bros will lean.

Who would you like to see play the female love interest in Batman vs. Superman? Should it be a major actress or an up-and-comer looking for a big break? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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