Corey Monteith Glee Tribute: Fox Releases Six Songs That Will Be Sung to Remember Finn


We are just days away from an episode of Glee that no fan is looking forward to but knew was coming. After the untimely death of star Corey Monteith, Glee will be addressing his death this Thursday with an episode dedicated to Finn. The episode will consist of six songs that honor both the memory of the character Finn and the actor Monteith.

Here are the six songs that will be sung on this week’s episode. So far we only have the audio of the songs but the visual tributes to Finn are being saved for the actual airing of the episode.

The songs are perfectly selected to reflect both the love that was felt for Monteith and the sadness felt now that he’s gone. The actor was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room back in July from what was later determined to be a drug overdose.

The character Monteith played on Glee and the person he was behind-the-scenes differed in a lot of way s but the one common thread between the two was the loved shared by the people around them. This week’s episode of Glee will have to deal with a real life issue no one wants to face, but it should end up being one of the more memorable episodes we’ve seen and it promises to leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

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