Detroit Lions 'A Football Life': Matt Millen Episode Start Time, Live Stream, TV Info and More


NFL Network again continues it’s amazing documentary series A Football Life tonight with what promises to be a memorable and emotional episode for Kansas City Chiefs fans. After so far we’ve seen profiles on legends like LaDainian Tomlinson, Derrick Thomas and Don Shula. It’s not logical, but this has all somehow led us to former Detroit Lions general manager Matt Millen, he subject of tonight’s episode.

Millen was a Super Bowl winning linebacker, but he’s now best remembered for running the Detroit Lions so deep into a hole they’re only now just crawling out. From terrible draft choices to questionable front office moves, the ‘Millen Era’ is not fondly looked back upon by Lions fans anywhere. Tonight, Millen’s story will be told and we will get what should be an interesting insight on just why things went so wrong in Detroit for Millen.

So when can you catch Matt Millen’ A Football Life episode and where can you watch it online? We have all the information you need to know right here:

Date: Tuesday, October 8th
Start Time: 
9pm ET
TV: NFL Network
Episode: Matt Millen
Live Stream: NFL Network Mobile, iTunes

A Football Life airs a new episode each Tuesday through the NFL season. Stay tuned to Flicksided for more information on this season of A Football Life.

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