George Lucas Was Planning on Making New Star Wars Films Before Disney Sale


One of the biggest stories of the last few years was George Lucas selling the rights to the most well known movie franchise ever to Disney for $4 billion. The second biggest bit of news was that Disney would launch straight into production of new Star Wars films for the first time since Revenge of the Sith  wrapped production back in 2004.

But while we never saw the sale of Star Wars coming, it turns out the new films were happening no matter what. Mashable had an interview with Lucas’ son Jett, in which the kin of the father of the father of Skywalker says George Lucas was developing Star Wars Episode VII before the sale to Disney.

Jett Lucas also notes that J.J. Abrams was handpicked by his father to direct the new films and implies that even if the sale to Disney wouldn’t have happened, Lucas may have leaned on Abrams to direct the movie anyways.

It’s an interesting look inside the inner workings of not only the sale of Star Wars to Disney but the process to create the new films, something that was apparently happening anyways. Jett Lucas doesn’t give up too much information but he still manages to fill Star Wars fans with tid-bits that will tide them over while Abrams continues to try and cast his upcoming film.

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