Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Recap: "The Asset"

After last week’s crazy awesome cameo at the end of the show, this week’s episode had pretty big shoes to fill. Skye must deal with her first field assignment. The team attempts to rescue the kidnapped Dr. Frankin Hall before the it’s too late. Gravatonium poses a growing threat. It can throw gravity into a tailspin and wreck havoc.

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Skye works on her agents skills. She’s not much of a joiner so the intense workout schedule isn’t her cup of tea. Dr. Hall has been kidnapped and the agents need to get access to him at the evil Quinn’s island paradise in Malta. Instead of doing it the traditional way with helicopters and the cover of night, she hacks herself into a party invitation.

In a fan-girl-swoon-inducing moment, Coulson comes on shore from a boat in a suit. The other guy’s in a wet suit. Coulson? Not so much. Always the gentleman, we see Phil tramping across the sand in his perfectly tailored suit. And he’s perfectly capable of kicking anonymous bad-guy butt. Fitz and Simmons break down the invisible barrier just in time. Coulson heads for the party.


Meanwhile, Skye’s working her womanly persuasion skills on handsome Quinn. One moment she’s on SHIELD’s side, the next she’s on her own side. She charms Quinn while barely batting an eyelash. Could she be playing the SHIELD agents just as easily?

Eventually Coulson gets to the doctor. But of course, the gravatonium goes crazy first. Coulson and Dr. Hall end up having a heart-to-heart on the ceiling. One part Inception and one part Mary Poppins, the brief but spectacular scene featured Coulson and the doctor standing on the ceiling having a chat. Gravity goes nuts again during their ensuing tussle. Coulson needs something to act as a catalyst to throw into the Gravatonium to keep it from exploding and killing everyone. Dr. Hall won’t cooperate. Coulson must made a tough decision. He uses Dr. Hall as the catalyst. When it settles down, Coulson instructs the agents to put the Gravatonium in the vault and not the slingshot.

Later Skye and Grant are working on physical spy skills. Skye confesses her pain at being rejected from a foster home. “Hoping for something and losing it hurts more than never hoping for anything.”  The agents are like a family. She doesn’t want to believe she can be accepted, but she is willing to try the family life.

“Stay tuned for more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Remember when every show said this before the last commercial break? As a kid we knew that what was after the ads was nothing more than a preview for next week, but we still stayed tuned just like we were told. We couldn’t help but hope there would really be more. But with SHIELD there is more! Last week it was a wicked awesome cameo. In this case it’s a hand reaching out from the wiggly gravity ball that’s been locked in the fault. Dr. Franklin Hall lives!

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