Sons of Anarchy Recap: Who Died and What Happened in Tonight's Episode "The Mad King"?

We’ve been waiting a year to find out what happens next to Jax, Tara, Gemma and the rest of SAMCRO in Sons of Anarchy. The season six premiere picked right up where the last season came to a shocking halt with Clay and Tara going to prison, Jax moving further away from his plans to leave the club and everyone pitted against one another.

We are just getting started with what should prove to be an epic and intense second to last season of Sons of Anarchy so let’s get right into it and break down the five most intense moments of tonight’s episode.

5. D.A. Patterson Wants to Get Eli in on Her Plans to Burn Down SAMCRO

Lee Toric may be dead, but that’s not stopping the D.A. from wanting to take down SAMCRO. The whole point of going after the club stems from the school shooting that was merely an opportunity for Toric to get his revenge on the club. His death in very little ways affects the investigation into SAMCRO. D.A. Patterson is now trying to drag Sheriff Eli in on the takedown. He’s skeptical but at his heart he knows a Charming without SAMCRO is a safer and more peaceful Charming. He’s not all in yet, but the line is in the water and it may be a matter of time before he takes the bait.

4. Tara Is Playing Everyone to Get Thomas and Able Away from the Club

We’ve seen this one brewing all along, but while Jax is being driven to extremes to save the club, his actions are pushing Tara to get her kids as far away from Jax and the club as possible. She’s been using Wendy against Gemma the whole season so far in an effort to use any information she can against the very people who took her in and protected her all these seasons. But really, the club has been nothing but bad news and literal bad breaks for Tara and she’s no longer willing to put up with t any longer.

3. Otto Killing Lee to Hurt the Club

Last week’s shocker which saw Lee Toric, a guy who looked like he’d be a long term villain in the show, get his throat sliced open by Ottto, we all thought this was a good thing. But as we learned from Tara’s lawyer, Otto was on the payroll of the D.A. and was helping them try to find leads on the school shooting. Even if this isn’t a whole truth — or anything close to reality, the fact of the matter is that Otto being dead actually hurts Tara’s chances of getting out of jail time, and this is something that has Tara even more motivated to get Wendy custody of Thomas and Able.

2. Gaalen is Planning on Crossing SAMCRO and Killing Jax

In case you didn’t notice from their previous encounters, but Gaalen is not warm on Jax and vice versa. After killing two of his members after learning Jax wants to pull out of guns, Gaalen is not wasting anytime in getting rid of SAMCRO and more  importantly Jax. After Jax contacted The Kings in Ireland, thnking he worked out a deal to get out of guns, he later learns that Gaalen has more power at the table than he thinks and is planning not so nice things for the future of the club. Gaalen’s plan is to cross SAMCRO off his list of associates and sever the connection in a very literal way.

1. The Irish Blow Up the MC Headquarters

When Gaalen said he wasn’t going to let Jax continue his actions without consequence, he wasn’t at all kidding. Just as everyone is getting back to the club, Jax notices a green pen lying on the bar. He asks who left it and is told that a deliver man was using the Shamrock pen and left it after he dropped off the new shipment of beer kegs. It doesn’t take Jax long to figure out what this means, and clears the club just before the kegs explode, destroying the headquarters. He barely saves Abel from the explosion, which not only will fuel his fire for war with the Irish, but will give Tara even more ammo in her own war to get her kids away from Jax and a club that is tearing apart at the seams.

What was your favorite moment of tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

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