Breaking Bad: DreamWorks CEO Wants to Pay $75M for Three More Episodes of Breaking Bad

We were all sad to see Breaking Bad go off the air on AMC after wrapping up it’s series finale two weeks ago, but one fan in particular wasn’t at all ready to let the series go. DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg loved Breaking Bad so much that he offered up $75 million of his own cash for Vince Gilligan and company to produce three more episodes.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg offered the Breaking Bad creators $25 million an episode for three more episodes of the show. His only stipulation was that the additional hour-long episodes be delivered in six-minute installments so they could be watched online via subscription.

Katzenberg is a big fan of the show but he wasn’t simply offering up $75 million out of curiosity, the business side of him was shining through as well. While speaking at MIPCOM this week, Katzenberg said that he though his plan for three more Breaking Bad episodes would have been the greatest pay-per-view event in history.

It’s not ever going to happen, not only because it would ruin the legacy of Breaking Bad by pulling a Brett Favre on everyone, but the series wrapped up in the most perfect way when it ended.

Still, it says a lot about how loved the show is when someone casually offers up almost $100 million for three more episodes of a television show.

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