Dexter Series Finale: Showtime Changed Ending, Wouldn't Let Writers Kill Dexter

DEXTER (Season 6)

We are still only a few weeks removed from the series finale of Dexter, the hit Showtime series that helped make the network a powerhouse in original content. But fans of the show still can’t get over how terrible the ending to the series was, as t turned one of the coldest killers on television into a lumberjack.

Oh how ironic, right?

But while the writers have been taking blame for the finale, Dexter producer John Goldwyn says they don’t deserve all of the blame. In an interview with Vulture, Goldwyn says that Showtime came to the folks at Dexter and gave them explicit instructions not to kill the main character at the end of the series.

Per Vulture:

“They won’t let us kill him,” he told us. “Showtime was very clear about that. When we told them the arc for the last season, they just said, ‘Just to be clear, he’s going to live.’ There were a lot of endings discussed because it was a very interesting problem to solve, to bring it to a close. People have a relationship with Dexter, even if it doesn’t have the size and the ferocity of the fan base for Breaking Bad. But it has a very core loyal following.”

As Vulture so appropriately puts it, that fan base Goldwyn mentions is a very disappointed one. But now fans can spread the blame around a bit with knowledge that Showtime meddled in the series finale of Dexter

Still, the series was ending and t’s not like taking a stand against the network’s wishes would have resulted in canceled episodes or revolt by that aforementioned fan base.

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