Martin Scorsese Film 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Aiming for Christmas Day Release Date

The Wolf

Film fans all over are very nervously watching the production troubles surrounding Martin Scorsese’s latest film The Wolf of Wall Street. Already the film looks to be a lock for a slew of Oscar nominations this year but the production hit a very unexpected yet believable snag this past month.

It’s not a shock to hear that Martin Scorsese’s new film is running well over two hours long, but at a reported 180 minute runtime, Paramount is asking that the film be cut down a bit. This has caused mass panic for fans of Scorsese as there was a fear that the film would not be trimmed down to an acceptable run time before it’s scheduled release date.

Rumors of the film being pushed to 2014 have not yet come to fruition as Showbiz 411 is reporting that The Wolf of Wall Street is shooting for a November 25th date to finish editing the film with Christmas Day serving as the films official release date.

Per Showbiz 411:

 Their goal now is November 25th. After that, Scorsese will leave for the Marrakesh Film Festival. That will give the capable folks at Paramount one month to get marketing and promotion together.

This means the film will have missed it’s initial release date of November 15 but it will still be eligible for this year’s Oscars. Many expect the film to make a run at getting Scorsese he’s second Oscar as the trailer oozes the vibe we all got from the Goodfellas trailer.

There’s no guarantee that the film will be edited by November 25th, but it’s looking like The Wolf of Wall Street has a Christmas Day make or break target date for it’s release.


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