Saturday Night Live Season 39: Bruce Willis Promos Mock Die Hard (Video)

It’s not even a week after Miley Cyrus dropped by Saturday Night Live but the wheels continue to turn at Rockefeller Center as host Bruce Willis is getting ready for this week’s upcoming show. NBC has released the promos for the show which feature Cecily Strong mocking Die Hard alongside John McClane himself.

Die Hard is the topic most mocked in the promos, as Strong gives her ideas for the next Die Hard movie while Willis mocks the fact that Hollywood will produce just about anything, even Live and Let Die Hard

Last week’s show wasn’t that bad, as Miley Cyrus’ performance grows on you after a while. But that still doesn’t mean fans have moved on from the whole circus to this week’s show with Willis.

It’s clear that Die Hard may be mocked more than a few times on Saturday night but already the promos are making this week’s show seem like it will go over much better than last week’s. No offense to Miley, but Bruce Willis has shown his comedy chops before which bodes well for what we’re in store for.

What do you think of the Bruce Wills Saturday Night Live promos? Do they give you faith the show will be funny or will you have to wait and see the real deal? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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