Archer Season 5 Trailer: First Look at New Season of Archer (Video)


In a world full of television dramas like Breaking Bad and Walking Dead which are basically devoid of humor, shows like Archer are a saving grace. Not to say that the aforementioned shows aren’t any good as they’re some of the best television we’ve seen recently, but Archer consistently hits the humor out of the park and is itself one of the crown jewels of this golden age in television.

We’ve already seen four excellent seasons of Archer so far on FX and the show will be making it’s triumphant return this January. We heard from the Archer crew at this year’s Comic-Con but we’ve gotten out best look at season 5 of Archer in the latest promo for the season premiere.

The show is one of the best shows essentially about nothing at all as while it’s a satire of the CIA and James Bond, the show rarely follows any sort of logic when it comes to traditional storytelling. Still, the show is absolutely brilliant and that looks to continue with season 5.

Archer has carved out it’s own special brand of comedy that blends the best of Austin Powers and Arrested Development and fuse it with the world of old school spy spoofs like Get Smart and U.N.C.L.E.

Catch the new season of Archer this January on FX.

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