Big Bang Theory "The Raiders Minimization" Recap: Amy Ruins Indiana Jones for Sheldon


Another fall Thursday means another episode of Big Bang Theory on CBS and despite six years of geeky goodness, the show hasn’t yet run dry on ideas. From the ongoing relationship struggles between Leonard and Penny to the always golden hijinks of Sheldon, Big Bang Theory again turned in another great episode with “The Raiders Minimization”.

There are two main plots that run through the episode, as Amy Farrah Fowler casually ruins Sheldon’s love for Raiders of the Lost Ark by stating that Indiana Jones was completely irrelevant to the story and how it played out. As Sheldon listens on in horror, Amy explains that with or without Indiana Jones, the Nazi’s would have still found the Ark of the Covenant, opened it and all died the way they did.

Meanwhile, Penny buys a book written by Leonard’s mother for her psychology class and ends up learning all of his deep, dark secrets from his childhood. This of course leads to plenty of encounters where Penny confronts Leonard about random things like “favoring the left breast” with both his mother and with Penny. It also leads to Leonard using being “depressed” about Penny reading his mother’s book as a reason to have sex.

The best story of the night was the one about Sheldon trying to seek revenge on Amy for ruining his love of Raiders of the Lost Ark for himSheldon decides to invite over Amy for an episode of Little House on the Prairie with the intention of ruining it for her. But as he tries to ruin it for her, they end up sharing a heart-to-heart which still remain some of the best moments of the show.

With Penny and Leonard, you can only get so many jokes about her feeling sorry for how geeky he is and him using it to both get pity and sex, usually at or around the same time. We get it, Leonard doesn’t know anything about sports and would rather watch the extended Blu-Ray version of The Hobbit with commentary track while eating take-out.

Still, like Sheldon’s defense of Pride and Prejudice the whole formula of the show works. While it’s far from flawless, for some reason it all just works and the stronger bits like Sheldon and Amy make up for the weaker, quicker drying bits like Penny and Leonard.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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  • Revan Kon

    Why Big Bang Theory did NOT ruin Indiana Jones. Amy claims that Indy is irrelevant to the
    actual story. So I prove (end to
    beginning) of how Indiana actually was crucial to the story.

    In the very end, Indy tells Marion to close her
    eyes. By doing this both of them are
    alive to transport the Ark out of Nazi hands.
    Without this, more Nazis would just keep coming to the island to recover
    the Ark.

    After the Ark was stolen from Indy, he tries to
    recover it by being an essential part in blowing up the plane that was going to
    fly the Ark out of Egypt. The plane was
    to fly the Ark directly to Germany, it wasn’t until after the Nazis
    re-recovered the Ark from Jones at sea did they decide to go to the island and
    open it first.

    The Nazis were digging in the wrong spot in
    Egypt, although it is a possibility for them to have finally found it. They simply had the wrong length staff
    because they only recovered one side of the medallion.

    The argument was made in Big Bang Theory that if
    Indy wasn’t in the movie that the Nazis would have still recovered the
    medallion from Marion and therefore negating almost everything I have mentioned
    thus far. Too bad they missed the
    essential portion of the entire film. After
    Indiana was assigned by the government to go find the Ark, he boarded a plane
    to find Marion. It was here that he was
    tailed by two Nazis. The Nazis would not
    have found Marion without Indiana.

    In conclusion, Indiana Jones is not irrelevant to the plot
    of his own movie. BAZINGA BIG BANG!