George Clooney Matt Damon Light Up Second Monuments Men Trailer (Video)


We’re in the thick of Oscar season right now but while George Clooney is garnering a ton of praise for Gravity at the moment, he’s not done making a push for securing some kind of nomination this year. Aside from Gravity, Clooney is set to star in Monuments Men which is a WWII film with an ensemble cast and an more serious Oceans 11 style story.

The second trailer for the film has hit the interweb today and it just makes us wish Clooney would make more movies a lot more often these days.

Where Oceans 11 was a high octane comedy caper film, Monuments Men is striving for Oscar gold with it’s story about saving lives and art in Nazi Germany. It’s not going to be a wholly depressing movie but it’s also not a comedy as it will center on some very serious themes from WWII that aren’t always focused on.

The reason for fighting for freedom revolves around making sure citizens around the world can live their lives and express themselves freely. That’s the premise of Monuments Men which looks to surely make Clooney unstoppable at this year’s Oscars.

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