Glee Cory Monteith Farewell Episode Recap: As Perfect As It Could Be


Tonight marked the farewell that no one wanted to get to but everyone found themselves glued to. It was emotional to say the least as tonight’s episode of Glee tackled the death of Cory Monteith with pain, humor, violence and compassion which accurately reflected the feelings of those who held Monteith close in their hearts.

Usually you can see through the tears of actors when you know the context of the situation. for instance, it’s sort of an eye-rolling annoyance when sitcom stars bawl their eyes out in the last episode when the characters are saying their goodbyes but we all know that it’s the actors saying goodbye to one another.

But in the Cory Monteith farewell episode the tears were real but they were both on the screen and at home for fans watching. There was nothing pretentious about the farewell to Finn, because like those cheesy series finales, we knew the songs were for Cory and the tears were for a friend and loved one. The only difference is Glee had heart tonight that even non-fans of the show can acknowledge as legitimate.

Characters, like the actors in real life, dealt with the death of Finn in different ways. Some sang their feelings, others lashed out with violence and a few even buried their feelings deep down until they couldn’t be held down any longer.

There was a potent line in the show that perfectly captured the moment and the mood of the episode. It’s said that Finn is dead and all that is left is his voice in their heads. The truth in that transcended the mere atmosphere of a television show and cut right into real life; this wasn’t an episode saying goodbye to an actor who left the show to do other things, it was about someone who is no longer alive and isn’t coming back.

It was clear more than once that this was very apparent to the cast of the show, but that just goes to show how important Monteith was to the show. The admiration for him extended beyond just being the main character of a hit television show, the love felt for him was real, it was honest and the pain won’t be healed anytime soon even if the process of doing so has already started.

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