James Woods Thinks President Obama Is A Threat to America and Ruined His Acting Career


The government is currently shutdown, politicians are not in good favor with a majority of Americans and a lot of people are looking to President Barack Obama to fix it all. But ask one Hollywood actor what he thinks of Obama and he’ll not only be critical but he’ll tell you he ruined his career.

Veteran actor James Woods recently went on a bit of a Twitter rant about his anti-Obama political stance and it’s effect on his future in “liberal” Hollywood. Plainly put, Woods doesn’t expect to be getting work every again in Hollywood and is putting his country first.

By saying he’s putting his country first, don’t confuse this with Woods volunteering for the military. And don’t believe the hype about Woods’ conservatism costing him roles in Hollywood. He’s gained a pretty nice recurring role on the very liberal Seth MacFarlane show Family Guy playing an even more foul mouthed and outrageous version of himself and Woods is in no way starving.

Still, in a country dominated by politics and handing out scarlet letters to those who don’t believe what you believe, it’s not hard to fathom why the likes of Michelle Malkin are stoking coals with Woods tweets.

What do you think, are Woods tweets being blown out of proportion or does it not really matter what Woods politics are when it comes to his acting ability?

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