Jamie Foxx, Oliver Stone Eyeing Martin Luther King Jr. Biopic


Oliver Stone recently made news again for his outspoken opinions on everything from the Breaking Bad finale to the irresponsible “fantasy violence” in Batman vs. Superman. But underneath all the political rhetoric and opinions is a talented filmmaker and that filmmaker within Stone is eyeing a huge project with Jamie Foxx.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stone and Foxx are looking into a Martin Luther King Jr. biopic for DreamWorks.

Stone, who has tackled hot-button biopics with JFK, Nixon and W., is in talks to direct the untitled Martin Luther King Jr.project being made as production by DreamWorks and Warner Bros. Foxx is in talks to star as the civil rights leader.

Some will immediately hold reservations about this decision given Stone’s aforementioned political post when it comes to historical topics. His Vietnam War movies are oozing politics and his JFK film is extremely well acted conspiracy theorist porn. However, he to his credit Stone doesn’t always make his historical films political as he shocked a lot of people by making a very straight forward 9/11 film World Trade Center.

This sounds like the type of film that could bounce Stone back into the limelight as it’s been a while since he’s made an important film. A well crafted Martin Luther King Jr. biopic could mean Oscar gold for all involved, and like him or not Stone is one of the best in the business to turn to when creating a film about the 1960s.


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