Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Series Premiere: Best 5 Moments from First Episode


After much anticipation and dozens of previews we could finally get more than a glimpse into Wonderland. The show may be run by the people behind Once Upon a Time, but it has a tone all its own. The story is a fresh twist one the story of Alice in Wonderland and it fits what we’ve come to expect from OUAT, but it has a, slightly unstable, mind all its own.

Here are five things we loved from the very first episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

5. Alice being chased by a giant through a maze

 We’re confident that this is the best psychedelic chase scene you’ll ever see on TV. But seriously, it was a fun ride, and one you don’t see on television.

4. Cyrus’s (boiling) seaside proposal

On a cliff overlooking the Boiling Sea, Cyrus gets down on one knee and Alice accepts, before he can even get to his speech. The backdrop is terrifying but the moment is sweet. Before they can get too mushy, however, the Red Queen cuts in. Alice and Cyrus fight off every one of the Queen’s guards but the queen uses her mental powers to flick Cyrus off the cliff into the sea.

3. The Knave of Hearts explains s’mores to Alice

While they’re sinking into a giant marshmallow. Not really much more we can say about this. The surreal craziness is playful and fun.

2. Kick-Ass Alice

She climbs tress (and falls out of them), fights asylum orderlies, royal guards, and giant devil kitties. There doesn’t seem to much this chick can’t do. Oh yeah, and she’s doing it all in her petticoat.

1. Alice’s Smile

Sophie Lowe is a delightful change of pace. She’s one part Mia Wasikowska and one part Saoirse Ronan. And all charm. He partner in crime, the Knave of Hearts, is played by Michael Socha. Ever wondered what the child of Jake Gyllenhaal and Christopher Eccleston would look like? When you look at the Knave you’ll know.

We can’t wait for next week’s episode!

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