Batman vs. Superman: Hans Zimmer Compares Ben Affleck to Heath Ledger


When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman for Zack Synder’s upcoming film Batman vs. Superman, some of the Batfleck supporters heavily cited the casting of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight as proof we need to wait before judging Affleck. But one person behind the scene at Warner Bros isn’t waiting to pass judgment and is directly comparing the casting of Affleck to that of Ledger.

In an interview with Collider, the Man of Steel and potential Batman vs. Superman composer dished on the hate that Affleck got after he was cast and compared it to how the casting of Heath Ledger as The Joker was met by fans and how it ultimately turned out.

“I think [the response to Affleck’s casting] was incredibly vicious. I think the way he got attacked was unbelievable.  But you know something, when Chris cast Heath Ledger as The Joker maybe we weren’t quite as big yet and maybe it wasn’t quite as visible, but there was a lot of that going on as well, that it was a complete miscasting and ‘only Jack Nicholson can play The Joker.’”

Of course, the comparisons to Ledger are very minimal beyond the fact that they both got flamed for taking high profile comic book roles and both are Oscar winners. No one is saying Affleck will turn in an Oscar-worthy performance but he’s done enough in recent history to have earned the comparison to Ledger, even if it shouldn’t be taken too literally.

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