Katy Perry Shows Some Skin in New Bruce Willis SNL Promo (Video)


This weekend actor Bruce Willis will be dropping by Rockefeller Center to host the third episode of Saturday Night Live‘s 39th season. While the presence of Willis will appeal to older fans, SNL is keeping it young with musical guest Katy Perry.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Perry it’s that she’s very well endowed — vocally. She’s vocally well endowed, get your minds out of the gutter, but she’s also not afraid to show off her body to boost her celebrity stock and she played on the trait of hers in the latest SNL promos for this week’s show.

Perry isn’t showing up on SNL for just any old reason. As with mostly every musical guest, Perry is promoting her new album by appearing on Saturday Night Live as “Prism” drops on October 22.

As for showing skin, don’t be surprised if the always bubbly Perry shows up in a skit or two throughout the night. Willis will be able to hold the show on his own, but when you have a talent like Perry on the show you don’t just trot her out for only two musical sets. Arcade Fire made an appearance in a skit during the premiere episode and traditionally Saturday Night Live likes to involve musical guest in at least one skit if they’re willing and Perry’s presence on the show alone will draw a nice audience.

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