Rebecca Romijn Endorses Hand Bras (Video)

She’s been in X-Men, she’s modeled for decades and now actress Rebecca Romijn is endorsing her first product for consumers — the hand bra. In a hilarious new video for the folks at Funny or Die, the X-Men actress takes time out of her very busy day to let us all know that her new product will help make sure you’re always supporting yourself at all times of the day.

The video is more than an excuse for us to all see a gorgeous half-naked Rebecca Romijn. Besides having this video force me to learn how to properly spell her name, the Funny or Die folks are doing the video to raise awareness for Breast Cancer research.

The NFL is currently raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer research this month by going all pink with most of their equipment that isn’t issued by the league itself. While this isn’t nearly as prominent as the NFL, there are more than a few reasons people will watch the video.

A highlight of the short skit is when a male model comes out to show off Romijn’s even newer product the “Hand Cup”, which she quickly discontinued upon seeing it and instantly changing her mind. We’ll expect that video for prostate cancer awareness later in the year.

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