Star Wars Episode 7 Working Titles Revealed


Star Wars fans are itching for any kind of news that they can get and with just months until shooting is slated to begin, the time is nearing where we will have what promises to be an orgy of information released all at the same time. El Mayimbe at Latino-Review has a scoop on one of the big announcements we are waiting on — the title of the film.

According to Latino-Review, George Lucas had two working titles attached to his plans for Star Wars Episode 7 before he sold the rights to the franchise to Disney. Those two titles are Star Wars Episode 7: Return of the Sith and Star Wars Episode 7: Rise of the Jedi.

I was exclusively told that during that time, it seems that George had two working titles for Star Wars: Episode VII that were competing in his mind: Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi! These working titles were turned over to the Disney Company through the sale

As El Mayimbe points out, these titles were attached to the project before the sale to Disney which means there’s no way of saying whether or not the titles are still on the project.

Despite that, this is a new rumor fans can latch onto that doesn’t involve casting. Even if the titles lead nowhere, at the very least this is something to talk about Star Wars with your friends that in no way mentions casting rumors. So at least we have that.

What do you think of the rumored titles? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

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