Breaking Bad Series Finale: Fans to Stage Funeral for Fallen Characters


We’re now two weeks into life without Breaking Bad but that’s not stopping fans from wanting to remember the show for all the entertainment it gave us. Not only that, but the hit AMC series gave us some of the most endearing characters we’ve seen in a while so it makes sense that they’ll be missed so much that fans are holding a funeral for the show and it’s fallen characters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fans of Breaking Bad have rented out a funeral home for next Saturday where they plan on honoring the show in perhaps the most bizarre way yet. Not only has an Albuquerque funeral home been rented out but the processions will begin at the site of Walter White’s death in the show and end with everyone eating steak at a local restaurant.

Per THR:

An Albuquerque charity is hosting a funeral for the man played by Bryan Cranston on the hit AMC series. The event will take place on Saturday, Oct. 19, at 4:30 p.m. in New Mexico’s Sunset Memorial Park. Following a procession starting at the location where White died on the show, where there’s a memorial set up, the funeral will include a eulogy delivered by Breaking Bad set decorator Michael Flowers and the burial of a cubic square foot vault, which is typically used in cremations.

Last week we heard about an Albuquerque newspaper that published Walter White’s obituary and now we have a literal funeral procession honoring him and the show.

It just goes to show how loved the show was and will continue to be loved even though our dearly beloved is no longer with us.

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