Danny Boyle to Produce WWII Miniseries 'Telemark' for FX


The world of Danny Boyle is coming to television in a historical manner. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar winning director will be heading up the production of a 10-part miniseries for FX called Telemark that centers on the true story of WWII soldiers who took down Hitler’s nuclear program in the 1940s.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

FX is expanding its miniseries offerings with Telemark, a 10-episode miniseries from the Oscar-winning director-writer-producer team behind Slumdog Millionaireand 127 Hours.

The miniseries is based on the true story of a British-trained Norwegian resistance fighters who battle the Nazis and single handedly play a massive role in taking down the Nazi nuclear program, hindering the Axis from making an atomic bomb.

It’s the very same project that Michael Bay showed interest in producing for the big screen, as that news came before the bug announcement by FX that they were again expanding it’s creative pool to fit yet another great title from an iconic filmmakers. FX is adding Telemark to a plate that already includes a miniseries from the Coen Brothers based on their film Fargo, as well as projects from Paul Giamatti and Sam Mendes.

With Breaking Badnow off the air, FX seems ready to pounce on the opportunity to overtake AMC as the most creative cable network out there, and adding Danny Boyle to the roster only increases their chances of doing so.

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