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Machete Kills Bombs at Box Office, Not Expected to Make Back Budget

If you were planning on taking some time out of your weekend to catch the new Robert Rodriguez film Machete Kills, you’re all alone by yourself. Jokingly we’ve been calling it the movie nobody wanted but this weekend proved that was actually the case as Machete Kills is a bomb at the box office and likely won’t even come close to the $4 million projection.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Robert Rodriguez film is fizzling fast at the box office and isn’t expected to reach $4 million after brining in just over $1 million on Friday.

After Captain Phillips, the weekend’s only other new wide player is exploitation action film Machete Kills, from writer-director Robert RodriguezMachete Kills debuted to a dismal $1.4 million on Friday and may not hit $4 million in its debut.

On a $20 million budget, the prospects aren’t bright for Machete Kills as a slow opening weekend means a steep climb if it wants to avoid finishing in the red when it comes to the theatrical run of the film. It’s very likely that Machete Kills will make up ground in the home video market once it’s released, but a $1.4 million opening night is not something to hang your hat on.


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