Saturday Night Live: Opening Sketch Spoofs Gravity and Government Shutdown


The new episode of Saturday Night Live and the cold open to the show helped kick things off with a hilarious bang right away. Bruce Willis and Katy Perry weren’t featured but the sketch spoofed the $100 million cinematic hit Gravity which stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock but it also goofed on the continued government shutdown that is effecting America.

It’s clear that the two biggest stories of the past week have been the surprise success of Gravity, which is essentially and art house 3D film that has brought in over $100 million and is still going strong at both the box office but with critics as well. The other major story remains the government shutdown that has caused so much turmoil in the country by shutting down parts of the government that are actually essential.

Playing on both stories, Taran Killam and Cecily Strong take on the roles of Bullock and Clooney respectively and try to reach NASA mission command for help. But when they do, the Keenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon are there to tell them no one is working to help them since the government is shut down.

While the shutdown is no laughing matter, SNL again was able to slice through the issue with razor sharp satire that pretty much captured the issue for what it is.

It’s a great start to the show so far, and already an upgrade over the so-so hosting job by Miley Cyrus last week. Stay tuned to FlickSided all night long for more SNL updates.

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