Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers Start Time Will Preempt Family Guy Tonight

If you’re looking for tonight’s episode of Family Guy on FOX and can’t find it, there’s a reason for that. With the MLB Postseason in full swing, FOX is going to have to go through to painful annual process of preempting it’s regularly scheduled programming to accommodate the airing of the American League Championship series between the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers.

The ALCS isn’t going to destroy FOX’s weekly schedule as they were able to fit their Tuesday night block of comedy into it’s normal slot, forcing  Game 3 of the ALCS to 4pm ET. But there is no way to get out of FOX having to push back it’s Sunday night Animation Domination block which means Family Guy will not be seen tonight.

In fact, none of FOX’s regular Animation Domination shows will be seen as baseball picks up right after the start of NFL coverage and will carry the network deep into the night.

Next week’s episode of Family Guy may be safe as it will only be preempted if the ALCS goes a full seven games, albeit the episode won’t be a new one. However starting October 23rd, the World Series will be taking priority on FOX meaning more preemptions are expected until the baseball season officially wraps up sometime at the beginning of November at the latest.

Stay tuned to FlickSided all month long for the latest TV Show preemptions due to the MLB Playoffs and World Series.

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