Katy Perry Steams Things Up Performing 'Roar' on Saturday Night Live (Video)

Last night Bruce Willis did his best to hold his own as host of Saturday Night Live but the show was stolen, as it usually is, by singer Katy Perry who dropped by half clothed to perform her hit song ‘Roar’ during the show. Perry performed two times on Saturday Night Live but it was her first performance that blew people away with the signature Katy Perry style of strange sensuality.

Perry performed ‘Roar’ but was accompanied by her back up band and dancers dressed in animal suits while she lead the pack dressed as a sensual female Tarzan.

Perry is always good for a strange performance or two when she gets on a stage and Saturday Night Live was no exception to that rule. But while she has strange performances, she always manages to make them look amazing in both a visual and sensual way. Perry’s backups dressed as animals slapped the singer’s signature quirk all over the SNL stage but she made that secondary by blowing everyone away with another great vocal performance.

It also didn’t hurt that she put a whole new spin on the Tarzan outfit, as her caveman-esque outfit sizzled in front of the elaborate stage setup.

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