Saturday Night Live Bruce Willis: Boy Dance Party Sketch (Video)

boydancepartyLast night Bruce Willis stopped by Saturday Night Live to try and keep things going after last week’s show saw Miley Cyrus polarize fans of the show. While he wasn’t a classic host, Willis managed to keep the wheels turning at SNL and actually turned in a pretty solid job as host.

One of the better sketches of the night was called “Boy Dance Party” and featured all the male members of the cast watching football while the girls o out on the town. Once the girls leave, the men spontaneously burst out into song and dance about how sometimes you want to watch sports, but other times you just want to have a Boy Dance Party.

Willis is pretty great in the sketch but the standouts are Taran Killam and Beck Bennett who owned the sketch in their own ways. Killam is quickly becoming one of the best performers on the show and is emerging as a new star on the show. Bennett is in just his third show on Saturday Night Live and already he’s working his way into more and more sketches with each passing episode.

Saturday night was one of the better nights we’ve seen for the show this season and in the end a lot of people ended up wanting a Boy Dance Party.

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