Saturday Night Live Bruce Willis, Katy Perry Review: Was Bruce Willis Funny on SNL?


Last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live brought a few laughs but overall the general hope was that this week’s episode would build things back to a comedic boil. Bruce Willis isn’t known for his comedy acting but he was able to hold his own and not set the show back at all in his hosting duties.

Through no fault of his own, the Weekend Update segment was again the best part of the show, as Cecily Strong continued to crush her co-hosting duties alongside Seth Myers who is clearly enjoying having someone to bounce of off at the Update desk. Highlights of this week’s Update include what seemed like an endless string of Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce jokes which almost all played on their age and terrifyingly fake appearance.

As for the sketches throughout the show, the cold open that played on the government shutdown as well as the new hit movie Gravity and stood out as one of the best sketches of the show. There was also the digital sketch ‘Boy Dance Party’ which saw mostly all of the male cast members dancing in a party for just men, appropriately called a ‘Boy Dance Party’.

Not every sketch hit it out of the park though, but none were total disasters. The sketch that came closest to being a total dud was the third sketch of the night which surrounded Bruce Willis playing a soldier who interrupts his commanders battle plans to alter them into action film scenarios. The saving grace of sketch was Bobby Moynihan’s character getting overly excited about hearing the next action scenario.

We also got another Digital Short form Kyle Mooney, showing that the Andy Samberg days of having great shorts spliced into the episodes seem to be back. Mooney was discovered thanks to his brilliant comedy shorts he put online and so far he hasn’t missed on the shorts he’s been in.

Overall the show wasn’t a classic but it was an improvement on last week, if only slightly so. Katy Perry was her usual sensual self as the musical guest which helped break the night up and almost loosen up the audience for the sketches that might have otherwise come off stiff. Still, the show was a success and kept the wheels on Saturday Night Live turning for what has proven to be an expectation season so far.

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