Once Upon A Time Recap: Best Moments from the Episode "Quite a Common Fairy"

This episode introduced Tinkerbell, the small green fairy. There’s a lot to like about Tinkerbell. In fact, the best moment of the show are brought to us by Tink. So here’s an all-Tinkerbell list of what we loved about tonight’s episode:

5 – Tinkerbell’s gold neckerchief – She’d decked out in classic Tinkerbell green and gold. And the best part is her gold neckerchief. A new trend will spring up around this and if it doesn’t then people just lack imagination.

4 – Tinkerbell’s Technicolor fairy headquarters – She goes to get advice from Blue Fairy, who’s her mentor in big cluster of tulips that were designed with high-def TV in mind.

3 – Tinkerbell’s can-do attitude – In the flashback scenes Tinkerbell is determined to help Regina. She rescued Regina when she fell off a balcony and she finds her a soul mate. Think even goes so far as to steal pixie dust to help Regina.

2 – Tinkerbell’s Crisis of Conscience – Regina didn’t take Tink’s help to find love and be happy. When the Blue fairy finds out she stole, she takes away Tink’s wings. When Tink meets up with Regina again during Operation Henry, she blames her for her loss of wings and how bad her life turned out. Tink wants to get revenge on Regina. But Regina reminds her of the advice she had once given Regina herself to give up anger and be happy. Tink wants to get even with Regina, but she makes the better choice to let it go.

1 – Tinkerbell’s Final Decision – She doesn’t want to hurt Regina but she doesn’t want to help Regina and company but she does when Mary Margaret makes her an offer she can’t refuse: a home.

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