Jurassic Park 4 Casting Rumors: New Girl Star Jake Johnson Rumored for Leading Role

With all the hubbub surrounding the casting rumors of Star Wars Episode 7 there are other films getting a bit buried in the mix, but are still producing rumors just as juicy. In fact, unlike J.J. Abrams and the new Star Was picture, Jurassic Park 4 is not just deep in the rumor mill but also casting roles as we speak.

This morning brought news that Iron Man 3 and Insidious star Ty Simpkins has been cast in a lead role but two other names continue to be included in Jurassic Park 4 talks. According to Deadline, New Girl star Jake Johnson is the newest name to join Bryce Dallas Howard in the casting rumor department.

Per Deadline:

 I keep hearing that New Girl and Drinking Buddies star Jake Johnson is in the mix, but the studio won’t confirm him. I don’t think they confirmed Bryce Dallas Howard, who has also been in talks for a role.

We’ve heard Bryce Dallas Howard’s name in the past when talking about casting rumors for Jurassic Park 4, but Johnson’s name is not only newer t the discussion but it’s probably more possible than Howard’s.

That’s not to say Howard wouldn’t do the film or isn’t close to joining, but Johnson is the classic case of a talented television actor using a hit film to fully broaden the scope of his career. He’s not starving for roles, as his gig on New Girl is one of the best on television but he’s been trying to break into film roles and Jurassic Park 4 couldn’t come along at a better time for him.

Frankly, if Johnson is offered the role it’s not something he’s going to turn down or hold out for more money to get. If anything this TC schedule is the biggest wild card, but like we saw Vince Vaughn in Lost World, and originally Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park, funny actors can show up and help make a Jurassic Park film even more solid than it already is.

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