Batman vs. Superman Will Film First Scenes at College Football Halftime Show


When it was announced at Comic-Con this year, fans couldn’t wait to get any sort of updates on what they movie would entail. Then word came down that Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman and all the hype turned into hate. That’s likely to change, if even for a few days, as word has come down that Batman vs. Superman will kick off filming this week.

According to a scoop from Latino-Review, Zack Snyder is kicking off filming on Batman vs. Superman and the two superheroes won’t be the only folks from Gotham and Metropolis duking it out in the movie. El Mayimbe reported that filming for the film will be taking place this weekend at the campus of East Los Angeles College during halftime of the school’s game against Victor Valley College. The two schools will be playing teams representing football teams from Gotham and Metropolis.

The report comes from the East Los Angeles campus newspaper, which let it be known that free T-shirts will be given out to those who attend the game and participate in the making of the film.

Warner Bros. Pictures new untitled Superman/Batman project comes to film at East Los Angeles College Weingart stadium during halftime of the Oct. 19 Husky football game.

The footage will be shot at halftime of the game, which is sure to make the game itself a hot ticket around campus given the high profile nature of the shoot. Is it gimmicky, sure but will it generate interest in the football team and draw a large crowd — you bet.

Only three takes will be needed, but it should still be a fun time and make the stadium look a lot fuller than it was in The Dark Knight Rises. 

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