Madonna Gets Banned From Movie Theater For Texting


Earlier last month we heard he hilariously awkward story of a blogger who called 911 to report fellow movie critics using their phones at a showing during the Toronto Film Festival. That blogger wasn’t around to tattle this time but pop star Madonna still managed to get busted for texting inside a movie theater.

No one called the cops, rather they simply banned the singer from watching movies until she apologizes for violating the policy of not using a phone during a movie.

Madonna was apparently texting during a showing of the Oscar favorite 12 Years a Slave when she was booted for texting on her phone. Not only was she kicked out but Alamo Cinema Drafthouse CEO Tim League decided to publicly stone Madonna by posting an angry tweet demanding an apology or, to quote the soup movie Nazi, no movies for you.

This is just the latest high profile “bust” regarding the highly controversial issue of texting during a movie. It’s long been a pet peeve for moviegoers when a theater patron whips out their phone and starts to text away. Unlike the Toronto Film Festival showing which was a showing that allowed for notes to be taken — because that’s what real critics do — Madonna’s incident was one where a strict no phone use policy was in effect.

And boy was the rule enforced to it’s fullest extent.

[H/T: USA Today]

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