Breaking Bad: Walter White, Jessie Pinkman May Return for 'Better Call Saul' Spinoff


When Breaking Bad signed off on AMC, we never thought that we’d see the likes of Walter White or Jessie Pinkman again. But series creator Vince Gilligan has teased fans with the hope that we will once again see our two favorite characters pop up in new episodes.

No, Breaking Bad isn’t coming back for three new episodes at $75 million a pop. Rather Gilligan told The Hollywood Reporter that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul could return for cameos in the new spinoff series Better Call Saul

“Personally,” Gilligan told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’d have a hard time resisting putting all these guys in for a cameo or two every now and then.”

In the same interview, Gilligan admitted that it’s an uphill climb for Better Call Saul as he compared the show to the infamous and forgettable X-Files spinoff The Lone Gunman, his he was a part of. But he also noted that he plans on bringing back as many people as he possibly can to help recreate the fictional atmosphere of Breaking Bad that became so real for the crew.

There’s a lot of hope that Better Call Saul can follow up and continue the success of Breaking Bad, and while no one expects it to fully replicate it’s success, Gilligan is assuring fans he’s going to try his best anyways.

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