HBO Sets Season Premiere Dates for Girls, True Detective and More


HBO is still trying to be the leaders in original premium content and so far that’s a battle their winning very easily. Showtime is still trying to come at them, especially with the early success of Masters of Sex, but the number of original shows HBO is ready to roll out far outweighs the wildest dreams of Showtime.

Today, HBO announced the release dates for GirlsTrue Detective and Looking. For Lena Dunham’s hit show, this will mark the third season on HBO but for the other two shows, this marks the series debut on the network and there’s an uphill fight to getting in a position Girls is currently in.

It’s not that there’s a ton of steep competition going up against True Detective or Looking, rather the bar for quality has been set so high for HBO that the shows need to live up to that standard or be damned to the land of disappointment.

Girls will come back to HBO on January 12, 2014 while the Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson show True Detective kicks off right after that. Having Girls as a lead-in for True Detective looks to be a winning strategy but Looking isn’t so lucky. However, the show tackles gay-life in San Francisco and looks to be a hit based off of everything we’ve seen out of the dramedy so far.

Looking will debut on HBO this January 19th. Which show are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

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