Kevin Smith Offers His Advice For How Ben Affleck Should Play Batman

When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman for Zack Snyder’s upcoming film Batman vs. Superman, there was a ton of hate on the internet but one man who was probably as excited as Affleck was his long time friend and fellow director Kevin Smith. Jokingly taking credit for getting him in a position to be considered for the part, Smith has enjoyed his friend stepping into the role of a life time and hasn’t been shy about offering up his opinions on the matter.

More recently, Smith offered up a bit of advice for Affleck that many Batman fans will likely get behind and supports, whether they agree with the Affleck casting or not.

“So my only piece of advice would be to stay away from that voice. Don’t try to do that Batman voice yourself. I would insist that they work something into the script where, in the cowl, there’s a voice modulator that lays against his voice box and when you hear him speak, it’s this other worldly, sound-mixed, creepy tone that you could fill a room with. When you’re just a guy going, [low voice] ‘I’m gonna beat you,’ you sound ridiculous. But if you’re a guy whose voice is being treated in after-effects and audio, and it has this strange resonance that doesn’t sound like Ben Affleck and sounds more like a Cylon, that would be a little more terrifying if I was a criminal — and answers the question about the stupid Batman voice. So if I was him, my advice would be to push for a voice modulator.”

Despite the iconic brilliance of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, one thing that is consistently mocked is the voices used by that actors when in character — specifically Batman.

One thing Affleck can do to get on the good side of fans is not mess up the voice of Batman which is, ironically, something we still really don’t have a good grasp on the sound of.


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  • Brian

    Kevin Conrad had no problem with it, but he voiced the animated Batman.

    • LegendInMyMind

      It’s Conroy. And he’s a VOICE ACTOR.

      It’s literally all he does…

      • Brian

        Exactly. Caps mean business.

        So why not get Kevin to overlay his voice during batman scenes? Or did Conrad retire. I cannot remember.

        • LegendInMyMind

          I think dubbing the Bat-voice would be bad and insulting to the actor playing the role. Conroy is still at it though.

          • Brian

            I think he should only show up in darkness or shadow and Conrad should do his voice the entire time. If there are no Bruce Wayne scenes, which there shouldn’t be, then it can be pulled off.

            I’d be satisfied :)

          • LegendInMyMind

            Bruce Wayne is not an inconsequential character. Regardless, this isn’t a Superman film that happens to have Batman as a supporting character. This is Batman/Superman. It’s a teamup movie designed to reintroduce Batman.

  • LegendInMyMind

    To be fair, Christian Bale’s Batman voice is often exaggerated by people.

    Also, it’s actually described in the comics as being a low, gravelly tone (sometimes even described as a “growl”), and he put it on for the purposes of disguise. It’s pretty annoying how the bandwagon haters have ran with that one. I guess it’s the only “problem” that they can find/agree on?