Cory Monteith Was More Than A Quarterback for Glee


Last week, Glee aired The Quarterback, possibly the most heartbreaking episode to date. It was a touching tribute to the beloved character Finn, and the actor who portrayed him, Cory Monteith, who passed away before filming from a drug overdose.

To be honest, Finn was never really a favorite of mine. I found his indecisiveness and his inability to think before he spoke incredibly frustrating. However, when I look back on the time we spent with Finn Hudson, I see that a lot of the frustration comes from seeing those qualities in myself — which is exactly what makes Finn special to all of us.

However, Finn was really the everyman of the show. Most people don’t have Rachel’s talent or ambition. Most of us don’t have Santana’s biting wit, or Kurt’s sassy attitude. However, so many people go through the issues Finn went through. Should I do what I love, or should I do what makes me cool? Can I make something of myself? Am I really as good as people tell me I am? All of these are questions Finn struggled with, and I think they’re very relatable issues that people struggle with on a regular basis.

What made Finn special though was his earnestness. Although the scheming characters, like Sue, Santana, and Quinn are some of the most beloved, Finn was a great contrast. He believed the best of people. He saw the good in Rachel, who no one liked at the start of the show, and Kurt, who he helped become a part of the football team when everyone else thought it was insane. He helped Santana deal with her fears of being an out lesbian. He forgave Quinn and Puck for lying to him about  her baby being his child. And in the last season, he encouraged all the kids he led in Glee Club to work out their differences, to fight for the club even when they were down.

Finn made a lot of mistakes, but through his mistakes, he grew more than any other character. In the beginning, he was a lost boy who was afraid of failure and judgment. In his last episode, he was on a path to fulfilling his dream of teaching. He was proud to have the uncool Kurt as his brother, and the even less cool Rachel as his love. He was proud of the Glee Club he was initially blackmailed into joining.

He was an inspiration to the people within the club, and the millions who tuned in each week. He was more than just a quarterback on Glee, and he will be missed.

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