Sylvester Stallone Admits He Use To Have Violent Hatred for Arnold Schwarzenegger (Video)


Today, Sylvester Stallone is the master of the action film, with the third Expendables film already in production which mashes together just about every action star we’ve ever seen. But he wasn’t always as liked as he is now and he wasn’t always as cozy with is co-starrs as he appears to be now. He’ll be starring in two upcoming movies with fellow action titan Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Stallone told David Letterman this was a partnership that wouldn’t have worked a decade ago.

Stallone told Letterman earlier this week that he has a violent hatred for Schwarzenegger, calling him is arch enemy back in the glory days of their careers.

“We had violent hatred,” Stallone told Letterman this week. “Have you ever had that ever? Competition where you really had an arch enemy that kind of brings out the best in you. I’ve heard you did [looking at Letterman].”

Stallone played the comment up to Letterman, who has had his fair share of heated moments over the years with his competitors, most notably Jay Leno.

Thankfully for moviegoers, Stallone and Schwarzenegger have buried that hatched — or gotten over the roid rage — and partnered up to form the dynamic duo they were bound to be. Their first adventure together occurs in The Escape Plan which hits theaters tomorrow.

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