Wes Anderson Releases First Trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel (Video)


It’s been a Wes Anderson kind of week as the directors latest film is starting to garner the hype it deserves as we being to learn more and more about it. Earlier this week saw the release of the first official poster for Anderson’s latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and yesterday we learned the release date.

Naturally, that led to the release of the first official trailer for the film, which oozes the signature quirk we’ve come to expect and love out of Anderson.

Not to jump too far ahead of the film, but just from the first trailer alone this looks to be one of Anderson’s finest works of art. Everything about it suggests that Anderson has ramped up every aspect of his filmmaking ability to the point where brilliance happens even when it’s not intended.

The cast isn’t the headline here, which says all you need to know about Anderson’s prowess as a talent. He has his regulars returning, as Jason Schwartzman, Owen Wilson, Harvey Keitel, Bill Murray and others he’s worked with in the past are back for more.

That too tells you just what kind of filmmaker Anderson is, and the March 7, 2014 release date for the film simply cannot come soon enough.

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