Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: 5 Best Moments from "Trust Me"

Here are the 5 best moments from “Trust Me”, the second episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

5 – The opening sequence – Jafar makes a menacing house call to an average merchant. He’s suspicious that this regular Joe has done a little too well for himself and must have a genie. The man quickly gets the genie out and wishes him “far away” from Agrabah. The genie escapes but Jafar goes full Vader on the man and kills him. It’s hard to resist a bad guy in a dark cloak who can crush people’s throats with his mind.

4 – The Red Queen’s boredom – The Red Queen sits on her thrown with no interest in her subjects’ problems. She finally voices what we’ve all secretly wondered that royals/politicians are thinking: “you’re problems bore me.” She may be cold, heartless, and calculating, but at least she’s honest. That has to count for something, right?

3 – Alice is British – The Fairy has agreed to help Alice and the Knave of Hearts cross the lake. Halfway through she decides that she can’t forgive that Will has done in the past and she lets him plummet into the water. Alice decides to go after him. “Oh bloody hell” she says as she too plummets into the dark water. “Oh bloody hell” is the quintessential phrase, at least to this Yankee’s ears.

2 – Cyrus’s wicked awesome origami skills – Cyrus is trapped in Jafar’s cage. But that that doesn’t stop him from writing to Alice. But how will he get her the message? (Oddly enough the Post Office doesn’t pick up in Jafar’s dungeon.) He folds up the note into the shape of a crane which flies away to Alice.

1 – The least sappy sappy-love note you’ll hear on TV – Alice begins to doubt Cyrus’s love until the flying origami crane appears with the love note. Alice is overjoyed to hear from her man. The Knave of Hearts, ever the party-pooper, throws her own words from last episode back at her. “I thought love means you don’t need proof.” Her response: “You don’t need it. It’s just nice to have.” We’re aren’t softies here at Flicksided, but even we had to like that sentiment.

Can’t wait for the next episode!

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