Vin Diesel is Actually Playing Thanos in Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy?


An interesting rumor has popped up thanks to some wild speculation over at MTV News. We all know that Vin Diesel has been cast as Groot in the upcoming film Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy, but the folks over at MTV aren’t satisfied with that and are going out on a limb to suggest that Diesel’s casting as Groot was all a ruse to draw us away from his real role in the film — Thanos.

If you’re wondering who Thanos is — in layman’s — he’s the big purple guy at the end of Avengers but he’s much more than that. Slated to be a major villain in the Marvel universe, Thanos will be wrecking havoc in Guardians of the Galaxy and that has led many to believe that Diesel could be playing him, as his brutish figure and on-screen persona meshes well with who Thanos is.

That’s what MTV News is suggesting, although not reporting. They openly admit that this is wild speculation but it’s not so unfathomable when you consider some facts.

Diesel has not really made it clear what the relationship he and Marvel has is, as the actor was rumored to be playing Vision before he settled on Groot. Marvel hasn’t yet said who will be playing Thanos when the film hits theaters, which suggests that Diesel could possibly be playing him in secret, using Groot as a front for his real role in the film.

But there are some holes to this theory, as Diesel’s schedule doesn’t really leave him wide open to be playing Thanos and come in for the necessary motion-capture and the film has already wrapped shooting. It’s possible that Thanos could be a CGI character that Diesel voices, but that’s still a shaky theory to plant yourself in.

Still, Diesel has lead fans around on a leash long enough already for it to be completely possible that he’s not playing Groot and is in fact playing Thanos. We won’t find out until closer to the release this summer, but the bottom line is Marvel can thank Diesel for generating more buzz in the film than was expected at this point.

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