Batman vs. Superman: New Gotham City, Metropolis Football Uniforms Revealed (Photo)

This weekend will mark the beginning of shooting for Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman and things get kicked off with a football sequence being shot at East Los Angeles College. The scene will reportedly feature the teams from Gotham City and Metropolis doing battle on the gridiron — oh how metaphorical of you Snyder.

We’ve gotten our first look at what the football uniforms will look like when filming gets underway this weekend as the folks over at Batman-News have posted photos of the jerseys to be used.

bat-image-1 Bat-image-2 bat-image-3

It’s not yet clear what the scene will be about, but given the fact that it’s happening at halftime of a real college football game, don’t expect something like what we saw in The Dark Knight Rises.

But what we can expect is at least some footage to be leaked this weekend as the chances the building sells out is very high and the chances everyone’s communication with the outside world is shut off is very low. Nothing should be spoiled by this scene and it’s unclear is Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill will even be needed, but something’s happening with Batman vs. Superman and it won’t be long until we get more information to wrap our heads around.

The football scene in question films this weekend and Batman vs. Superman will hit theaters in July, 2015.


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