Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Says He Tried to Teach Kids How to Cook Meth


Before becoming the most evil character on television, Bryan Cranston made a name for himself as Hal, the father on Malcolm in the Middle. Now that his Emmy winning turn as Walter White has come to an end, Cranston says he’s trying new methods of staying famous, including teaching a bunch of kids to cook crystal meth.

This past weekend saw the annual “Gala of Champions” which helps raise money for CoachArt, a non-profit organization that offers athletics and arts coaching for children with life-threatening illnesses and their siblings. Cranston spoke at the gala and said that he offered to help coach the kids in the art of cooking meth but he was told no.

“I offered my services to teach kids how to cook crystal methamphetamines and they said no,” Cranston joked, via Variety. “And I said, ‘You realize it’s like almost 99% pure?’ And they said no. I did say, ‘But it’s a very kid-friendly light blue color’ so we’re talking.”

Cranston continued rolling out jokes at the expense of himself and those who he works with, joking that he’s getting back into comedy now that Breaking Bad is over. Cranston very well could take more comedy roles, but it was clear that he was channeling his funny side at the CoachArt gala.

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